14 July 2020 

Development Pathways, UNICEF, UNECLAC 

Never has the need for a human rights-based approach to social protection been more urgent as during the COVID-19 pandemic. This approach entails framing social protection debates and policy decisions around entitlements rather than charity or handouts. 

In this webinar, the panellists discussed human rights considerations to the social protection response to COVID-19, and why a rights-based approach is more important than ever. In particular, the speakers brought a contextual analysis to the debate drawing on examples from UN agencies in Latin America, the Caribbean and South Asia. 


  • Alexandra Barrantes, Senior Social Protection Specialist, Development Pathways  
  • Abdul Alim, Social Policy Advisor, UNICEF South Asia 
  • Simone Cecchini, Senior Social Affairs Officer, ECLAC 

Moderator: Shea McClanahan, Senior Social Protection Specialist, Development Pathways 

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