29 July 2021


CODI, the Core Diagnostic Instrument, is an innovative tool developed by leading experts from international organizations that aims to build a rapid diagnostic of the performance of social protection systems. The tool allows for a comprehensive review of key areas to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a system through a participatory process that engages relevant stakeholders. It is arranged along three modules: policy, program design, and program implementation, and provides entry points for policy dialogue with a set of common and agreed-upon vocabulary, definitions, and framework.

This webinar presented the opportunity to hear more about this tool, the upcoming updates, and pose crucial questions to the ISPA Secretariat.


  • Veronika Wodsak, Social Protection Policy Specialist, ILO
  • Adea Kryeziu, Social Protection Specialist, WB

Moderator: Veronica Lopez, Social Protection Consultant, WB

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