Shock-responsive social protection

Widespread poverty and vulnerability, combined with exposure to social, economic or climate-related shocks, creates a demand for emergency assistance. These webinars feature key experts and practitioners discussing ways to make social protection programmes more shock-responsive. Speakers explore successes and challenges faced by different countries and regions as they build a pathway towards more effective and efficient emergency responses.


  • 13. Shock-responsive social protection in practice: perspectives from Kenya and Mozambique

  • 33. Shock responsive social protection in practice: experiences in Pakistan and the Philippines

  • 34. Reactive social protection facing emergencies in Latin America and the Caribbean: the experiences of Ecuador and Guatemala

  • 49. Shock-responsive social protection in Latin America and the Caribbean: recent regional experiences

  • 58. Managing disaster differently: shock-sensitive social protection in Malawi

  • 77. Building shock-responsive national social protection systems in the MENA Region

  • 87. Strengthening capacity to design and implement risk-informed & shock-responsive social protection systems in ASEAN

  • 157. Disaster risk financing for better response to COVID-19 and other risks

  • 158. The role of local and national actors in linking humanitarian cash and social protection in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

  • 166. In conversation: linking humanitarian cash and social protection in response to the COVID-19 pandemic: successes and challenges in ensuring inclusive responses

  • 191. Building back better: How can Adaptive Social Protection ensure better preparedness for future shocks?

  • 192. VOICES of Africans affected by the COVID-19 crisis: Experiences on the impacts of COVID-19 on the incomes, livelihoods and wellbeing

  • 196. Towards shock-responsive social protection: lessons from the COVID-19 response in six countries

  • 207. SPEC Webinar 13 - Resilience Building and Adaptability of Graduation Approach: Experience of and Evidence from BRAC Ultra-Poor Graduation Programme in responding to COVID-19 Shocks in Bangladesh

  • 217. "COVID-19 and Social Protection in rural areas: Lessons to build back better "

  • 226. The role of social protection during the COVID-19 crisis and recovery in Asia and the Pacific

  • 233. Ripple effects of the war in Ukraine: What role can 'adaptive' social protection play to prepare for and respond to anticipated global price shocks and hunger?

  • 240. Adapting social protection systems to contexts of forced displacement

  • 245. Enhancing shock responsive and nutrition sensitive approaches to social protection in Asia Pacific – Findings from WFP’s regional scoping exercise

  • 246. Proteção social responsiva a choques em Moçambique e República Dominicana: Compartilhando lições aprendidas

  • 249. Strengthening Shock-responsive social protection in Cambodia – Lessons learned from a cash transfer to households affected by multiple shocks

  • 257. Financing shock responsive social protection systems

  • 270. Disaster Risk Financing meets Adaptive Social Protection: Maximizing the effectiveness of shock response

  • 279. How can social protection respond to the risks, vulnerabilities and opportunities of women and girls in crises?