Inclusive growth (productive inclusion)

The contribution of social protection to the achievement of long-term human development, sustainable livelihoods and inclusive growth is an important topic of discussion among policymakers, practitioners and researchers. In times of crisis and economic hardship, the poor and vulnerable populations are usually hit far worse, and in this context, economic inclusion programmes can assist people in need to access jobs in the formal and informal sector, contributing to promote their livelihoods. These webinars explore the different programmes being implemented worldwide that focus on productive inclusion, including employment guarantee schemes, asset transfers, support for skills training, livelihood programmes, among others.


  • 21. Sustainable Livelihood Programme (SLP) of the Philippines: Linking Cash Transfer to Sustainable Livelihood Development

  • 27. BRAC's Ultra-Poor Graduation Approach: Evidence, Innovations and Intersection with Social Protection

  • 37. Social Protection in East Africa: Harnessing the Future

  • 43. Assessing the economic, social and environmental impact of public works: an introduction to the ISPA Public Works Assessment Tool

  • 61. Social protection and the Changing Labour Market: Finding the Missing Links

  • 66. SPEC Webinar 7 - Seeking Economic Inclusion for Refugees: A Case Study of the Graduation Approach in Ecuador

  • 74. SPEC 8 - Integrating the Graduation approach with government social protection and employment generation programmes: sharing experiences from Asia and Africa

  • 79. Do Public Works Programmes Work? Design and implementation features for programme success

  • 94. SPEC Webinar 9 - Integrating Graduation into Cash Transfer Programmes: Experiences from Latin America

  • 109. SPEC Webinar 10: Aligning Public Employment Programmes and Adaptive Social Protection

  • 128. Impacts of the COVID-19 crisis on employment: (potential) solutions for informal/ self-employed workers

  • 130. Impacts of the COVID-19 crisis on formal sector workers: (potential) social protection and employment responses

  • 132. Social protection financing in the wake of COVID-19 and beyond

  • 135. Economic Inclusion and the National Rural Livelihoods Mission (NRLM) Jeevika

  • 138. Impact of COVID-19 on public works programmes: policy options in the short and medium term

  • 142. Economic inclusion and COVID-19 response

  • 164. Rethinking economic inclusion for the poorest in the COVID-19 context

  • 176. Trajetórias entre estudo e trabalho: velhos e novos desafios para a juventude

  • 188. New OECD Database: Informality and Social Protection (KIIbIH) - Launch & Discussion

  • 197. Increased Resilience in the face of Covid-19: RCT results from the Graduation Program Emprendiendo una Vida Mejor in Honduras

  • 227. Roundtable: From Protection to Promotion –Young People’s Transition to Work and the Role of Social Protection Policies in MENA

  • 271. Is social protection to blame for informality?/