Humanitarian assistance

These webinars focus on how social protection systems can be responsive to shocks and crises and support the delivery of effective humanitarian assistance. Speakers explore the main factors related to social protection and humanitarian assistance through case studies from various countries, highlighting opportunities, challenges and key considerations. The session also promotes debates on the feasibility of replicating successful linkages between social protection and humanitarian assistance in different contexts, taking into account political willingness, system maturity and funding.


  • 8. A Framework and Practical Guidance on Linking Humanitarian Cash Transfers with Long-Term Social Safety Nets

  • 54. What role can social protection play in responding to humanitarian emergencies? Findings from a global study

  • 89. No excuses: filling the evidence gap on social assistance in humanitarian settings

  • 110. Linking Cash and Voucher Assistance and Social Protection: What are the fundamentals humanitarians need to know?

  • 113. Linking cash and voucher assistance and social protection in forced displacement contexts

  • 115. Building Blocks: entry points for humanitarians when linking cash and voucher assistance in nascent Social protection systems

  • 119. The role of (I)NGOs in linking humanitarian cash and social protection in conflict settings

  • 127. Lessons learned and opportunities: Linking social protection systems to humanitarian cash transfers in a pandemic

  • 137. Linking Social Protection and humanitarian cash and voucher assistance (CVA) – what do we really know and where to start? Findings from the CaLP commissioned high level briefing paper at the time of COVID-19

  • 144. (Missed) Opportunities? COVID-19 as an accelerator or blocker in inclusion of forcibly displaced in linking social protection and humanitarian cash transfers

  • 174. Donor perspectives: What is the potential for forging stronger links between humanitarian CVA and social protection in light of COVID-19 and how can this be financed?

  • 178. From practice to policy: Book Launch- Social Protection- Lands of Blossoming Hope and lessons for policy influencing for stronger COVID response

  • 184. Paper Launch: Economics of Early Response and Resilience to COVID-19

  • 185. Keeping recipients of humanitarian cash and social protection informed – the importance of outreach and communications

  • 195. Linking humanitarian cash and social protection – ECHO’s vision and practical examples from Somalia and Jordan

  • 204. Changing the mindset – turning the theory into practice: Incorporating gender-sensitivity into linked humanitarian cash and social protection interventions

  • 213. Transitioning from humanitarian cash to social protection in protracted crises – the case of Iraq

  • 234. The social protection response for Ukrainian refugees: Poland’s Big4 social protection programming presentation and discussion on the regional response

  • 241. Challenges and Opportunities to link Humanitarian Cash and Social Protection in the Horn of Africa and the Sahel
  • 253. What is the role of a humanitarian donor in linking with social protection systems?

  • 256. The Role of National Response Plans in improving Coordination: The Case of Madagascar

  • 288. Operationalising the HDP nexus for social protection in the Occupied Palestinian Territory