These webinars bring together practitioners and experts from the field of social protection and gender. Discussions are centred around gender-sensitive social protection and its impacts on important issues such as: gender-based violence, gender equality, access to employment, food security, motherhood, child marriage, and others. Speakers also explore cultural contexts and policy analysis and implementation in different regions.


  • 7. Gender and Social Protection: Current Issues and Policy Trends

  • 10. Social protection and the empowerment of rural women in Africa

  • 18. Gender Sensitive Social Protection Design: What Works in Asia?

  • 22. Protección social y la inclusión financiera de las mujeres en la agricultura familiar

  • 24. Gender-sensitive  social protection in the Caribbean

  • 30. From policy commitments to effective implementation of gender-sensitive social protection programmes

  • 38. How to promote policies that consider gender issues? Examples from Brazil and Mali

  • 53. Designing social protection insurance schemes to benefit rural women: lessons from Asia and sub-Saharan Africa

  • 60. Measuring gender outcomes in social protection programmes: Why is it important? How best to do it?

  • 62. How can social protection programmes protect women’s right to work?

  • 71. Bringing a gender perspective into shock-responsive social protection

  • 83. Realising rights: how can social protection advance gender equality?

  • 84. Social Protection systems for gender equality—Webinar in preparation of the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW 11-22 March) on “Social Protection for Gender Equality”

  • 85. The politics of gender-responsive social protection

  • 90. Financing gender-responsive social protection

  • 118. Pathways’ Perspectives: Challenging the narrative on gender

  • 121. Women and Girls with Disabilities: Intersectional Approach for Eliminating Violence and Discrimination

  • 136. Impacts of COVID-19 on care politics

  • 156. Social Protection and Child Marriage: Evidence, Practice and Opportunities

  • 159. Social Protection and violence against women and girls in the Indo-Pacific region: responding to COVID-19

  • 162. Gendered impacts of COVID-19 and social protection responses in rural areas

  • 165. GBV & Social Protection in COVID-19 and beyond – evidence & emerging practice

  • 190. Child Care Services and Women’s Work

  • 204. Changing the mindset – turning the theory into practice: Incorporating gender-sensitivity into linked humanitarian cash and social protection interventions

  • 205. 'We don't do a lot for them specifically”: diverse SOGIESC (aka LGBTIQ+) inclusion in social protection and cash-based assistance

  • 206. Leveraging the potential of safety nets to prevent gender-based violence – emerging experience from Mozambique and Sierra Leone & beyond