Childhood development

According to scientific and economic evidence, investments in early childhood development not only benefit the children of today but have a direct impact on the stability and prosperity of nations in the future. These webinars discuss the role of social protection in breaking the vicious cycle of poverty and exclusion and promoting long-term prosperity for children and their families. Cross-cutting topics include parent benefits, breastfeeding support, school feeding, and several social protection programmes affecting children and young people.


  • 42. Investing in Early Childhood: The Experience of Chile and Peru

  • 88. Promoting early childhood development through combining cash transfer and parenting programmes

  • 96. The state of child- and youth-focused social protection in Latin America and the Caribbean

  • 97. Early Child Development Webinar Series - Civil Society Experiences: A Kilo of Help (Mexico) and the Centre for Nutritional Recovery and Education (Brazil)

  • 98. The Primero la Infancia early development strategy in Peru

  • 104. The state of maternity and paternity leave policies and the experiences that support breastfeeding at work

  • 106. Early Child Development Webinar Series: Uruguay Grows with You

  • 108. Early Child Development Webinar Series: Chile Crece Contigo

  • 111. Fiscal space for child-sensitive social protection in the MENA region

  • 139. Non-contributory Social Protection in South Asia: An overview from a child, equity and gender perspective

  • 170. La telesalud en los servicios de atención integral de niñas y niños en el marco del COVID-19

  • 181. Interactive Learning Webinar: Connecting Child Protection, Social Protection and Humanitarian Cash – Working Together to Protect Children from the effects of COVID-19 and beyond

  • 200. Leveraging South-South and triangular cooperation in Advancing Child and Adolescent Mental Health in the context of COVID-19

  • 250. UNICEF IPC-IG Webinar on Social Protection and Universal Child Benefits in Preparation for GSSD 2022

  • 251. Integrating social protection with child protection services for better outcomes for children

  • 283. From Evidence to Action for Children: the Role of Evidence, Research and Knowledge to Strengthen Social Protection Systems in Asia and Pacific