ISPA Tool Series

The ISPA Tools are a set of practical tools designed to help countries improve their social protection systems by analysing their strengths and weaknesses and offering options for further action. These webinars, organised by the ISPA Coordination Team, aim to introduce these tools, as well as their uses and implementation in specific countries.


  • 14. The ISPA Tool: Assessing the Quality of Social Protection Payment Delivery Mechanisms

  • 16. Assessing Social Protection Payment Delivery of the Productive Social Safety Net Program (PSSN) in Tanzania

  • 20. The ISPA Tool: How to use the tool for successful delivery of social protection payments?

  • 31. ISPA tools and their role to support countries to produce well-informed, rapid diagnostics of their social protection systems

  • 32. The role of ISPA tools to support countries in producing rapid diagnostics of their Social Protection Systems

  • 39. Building rapid diagnostics of social protection systems: an introduction to CODI

  • 40. Building rapid diagnostics of social protection systems: the experience of applying CODI in Belize

  • 41. Lessons for the Universalisation of Health Care in Emerging Economies

  • 42. Investing in Early Childhood: The Experience of Chile and Peru

  • 43. Assessing the economic, social and environmental impact of public works: an introduction to the ISPA Public Works Assessment Tool

  • 51. The ISPA Public Works Assessment Tool – introduction and experiences from Tanzania

  • 91. Assessing the performance of social protection systems: experiences using the Core Diagnostic Instrument (CODI) in Lebanon, the Philippines, and Guatemala

  • 201. When to do a Social Protection Systems Review: How can ISPA’s CODI (the Core Diagnostic Instrument) help?

  • 203. "Findings from a Social Protection System Diagnostic: Experience in Uzbekistan using CODI "

  • 209. Enhancing the impact of social protection programs on food security and nutrition "