25 July 2019 

socialprotection.org, IPC-IG 

This webinar focused on progress in the achievement of universal social protection by exploring country experiences and main challenges, from design to implementation. Following the first webinar of this series, participants were invited to address the different views and controversial issues around the achievement of universal social protection. Some of the most prominent issues were explored in a more practical way, through case studies and examples.  


  • Maliki, Director for Population Planning and Social Protection, Ministry of National Development Planning/National Development Planning Agency (BAPPENAS)Indonesia 
  • Cecilia Mbaka, Head of National Social Protection Secretariat, State Department of Social ProtectionKenya 
  • Rafael Osorio, Senior Research CoordinatorIPC-IG, and Ipea Researcher 

Moderator: Mira Bierbaum, Junior Professional Officer, ILO Headquarters 

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