12 May 2020 


The experiences of the People’s Republic of China and South Korea, two countries with universal health coverage that were hit early by the COVID-19 outbreak, are interesting for other countries as part of ongoing country-to-country learning and South-South cooperation efforts, and the global response to the pandemic. In this webinar, speakers from China and South Korea shared their countries’ experiences from the health sector perspective and how essential health services were delivered at the height of the pandemic. They also addressed some of their plans for recovery. 


  • Robin Nandy, Principal Advisor & Chief of Immunizations, UNICEF 
  • Choe Young June, Department of Social and Preventive Medicine, University College of Medicine, Republic of Korea 
  • Yu Wenzhou, National Immunisation CentreCentre for Disease Control, People’s Republic of China 

Moderator: James Fitzgerald, Director of Health Systems and Services, PAHO/WHO 

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