16 July 2020 

IFRC, UNICEF, DFID, Social Protection Approaches to COVID-19 – Expert Advice Helpline (SPACE) 

This webinar was framed around the humanitarian and social protection delivery chain (developed along three key areaspolicy, programme design, and administration/delivery), presenting learning and practical examples from various contexts. The practical examples shed light on evolving areas of technical interest and raised issues for discussion regarding when linkages may or may not be appropriate, reviewing successes and challenges. 

The panellists and organisers created a document with useful resources that can be found here. 


  • Juliet Lang, Humanitarian Affairs Officer, Cash Coordination, OCHA 
  • Larissa Pelham, Social Protection Advisor, Oxfam 
  • John Meyer, Deputy Director, Food Security and Resilience, CARE USA 
  • Louisa Lippi, Social Policy Specialist, UNICEF 
  • Juan Gonzalo Jaramillo Mejia, Social Protection Programme Policy Officer, WFP 

Discussant: Karin Seyfert, Senior Consultant, Poverty and Social Protection Portfolio, OPM  

Moderator: Lois Austin, Knowledge Management Consultant, Grand Bargain Subgroup  

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