September 2019 


The social policy unit at the UNICEF LACRO has been working on a regional strategy to address child- and youth-focused social protection. This strategy includes an assessment presenting the conceptual elements underpinning social protection targeting youth and children, the arguments for investing in programmefocusing these life stages, and the current state of the social conditions of children and youth in the region. 

This assessment serves as a departure point for a retrospective analysis of the advancements and challenges to childhood and youth social protection in the region. The need to revert child poverty, and the strengthening and adaptation of the social protection systems targeting children rank among the top challenges. Findings show fragmented systems with incomplete and insufficient coverage, both in terms of service quality and benefit amounts 

Panellist: Fernando Filgueira, social protection programme chief researcher (CIPPEC, Uruguay) and regional consultant at UNICEF 

Moderator: Yohana Amaya Pinzón, Social Policy Unit, UNICEF LACRO 

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