14 January 2021

Development Pathways, Act Church of Sweden

A strong social contract, which is built on trust in governments, is a precious resource in any country. Without it, citizens will be reluctant to pay their taxes making it impossible for governments to collect the revenues they require to offer good quality public services to their citizens. Indeed, one of the main challenges facing countries across the Global South is low government revenues.

This webinar explored how countries across the Global South could learn from history and use universal social protection to build a virtuous circle of enhanced trust in government, a stronger social contract, and a greater willingness of citizens to pay tax so that they can generate the fiscal space that enables progressive governments, over time, to offer high quality universal public services to all their citizens. 


  • Stephen Kidd, Development Pathways
  • Bo Rothstein, The University of Gothenburg
  • Maxine Molyneux, UCL Institute of the Americas

Discussants: None

Moderator: Gunnel Axelsson Nycander, Act Church of Sweden

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