1 February 2022 


The webinar intended to draw attention to the significance of and the necessary upfront planning required to develop robust social protection systems in Asia and the Pacific, in light of the foreseeable demand for protection for significantly large sections of the population in the future. The webinar also aimed to kickstart brainstorming towards this goal in Asia and the Pacific and bring together relevant stakeholders in the region to collaboratively plot a way forward. 


  • Arthur van de Meerendonk, Senior Consultant (Social Protection Financing), Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department (SDCC), ADB 
  • Anand Ramesh Kumar, Consultant SDCC (Social Protection), SDCC, ADB 
  • Sameer Khatiwada, Social Sector Specialist (ICT), Southeast Asia Department, ADB 
  • Christian Viegelahn, Senior Economist, ILO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific 
  • Sehalattin Selsah Pasali, Social Affairs Officer, UNESCAP 

Moderator: Camila Pereira, Researcher, IPC-IG 

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