12 March 2020 


Conflict environments are situations that humanitarians know well. What we know less about is engaging with social protection systems. In such contexts, humanitarian actors (specifically, INGOs), can play a critical role in designing cash and voucher assistance to form the basis for social transfers, and in shaping social protection policy. This webinar, co-hosted with the Collaborative Cash Delivery Network (CCD), explored the successes and challenges of doing this in practice, based on the examples of Yemen (Oxfam) and Nigeria (ACF). 


  • Abdulrahman Sani, Social Protection Sector Manager, Action Contre La Faim (ACF) 
  • Aneel Memon, Head of DepartmentFood Security and Livelihoods, Action Against Hunger 
  • Amr Mohammed Al-Nood, Protection Technical Coordinator, Oxfam 

Discussant: Larissa Pelham, Social Protection Adviser, Oxfam Global Humanitarian Team 

Moderator: Zehra Rizvi, Independent Consultant 

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