28 February 2019 


The purpose of this webinar was to bring together various key stakeholders from Africa, UN-Women, and international development partners (SPIAC-B) to share their views on how best to promote universal access to gender-responsive social protection for all women, men and children, expanding coverage progressively, in nationally-appropriate ways, in all countries and regions. The year 2019, with the same priority theme at both CSW and CSocD, presents an opportunity to build bridges between the global gender and social protection expert communities, and to help all government partners to work towards the common goal of ‘leaving no-one behind’.  


  • Fatmata Sesay, Regional Policy Advisor, UN-Women ESARO 
  • Roopa Hinton, Chair, Gender Working Group of the Social Protection Inter-Agency Cooperation Board (SPIAC-B) 
  • Mutale Wakunuma, Consultant, Institute for Social Policy in Africa, TRANSFORM Master Trainer 

Moderator: Timo Voipio, Chief Expert, THL-Finland (EU-SPS) 

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