9 April 2020 

HelpAge International, IPC-IG, GIZ, DFAT 

Women and men of all ages with chronic health conditions have a higher risk of serious impacts from the virus. These conditions are most prevalent in older people, however, and together with frailty put them at greater risk of having severe complications. However, existing guidance, planning, and implementation often do not sufficiently capture the risks and challenges faced by older people in the context of COVID-19.  

The webinar has attempted to fill these knowledge gaps, focusing on social protection and health care in lower- and middle-income countries. Speakers presented concrete guidelines on how governments can minimise the risk of infection for older people during manual pension payments while continuing to ensure the income security of older people and their dependents during the health crisis.  


  • Gabrielle Kelly, Senior Research Associate, Samson Institute for Ageing Research (SIFAR) 
  • Peter Lloyd-Sherlock, Professor of Social Policy and International Development, University of East Anglia 

Discussant: Cecilia Mbaka, Head of National Social Protection Secretariat, Kenya’s State Department of
Social Protection 

Moderator: Florian Juergens, Global Advisor, Social Protection, HelpAge International 

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