5 May 2020 


The webinar discussed the following questions: (1) Which financing mechanisms can be and are currently used by countries to create fiscal space to flexibly extend social protection schemes and systems as a reaction to the COVID-19 crisis? (2) Do we have the right instruments to address international financing needs? How can the international community mobilise funding, especially grants? (3) What are the lessons learned for future crises to ensure that financing is available for the rapid extension of social protection schemes and systems? (4) How can social protection financing be sustained beyond COVID-19 in low- and middle-income countries? 

Panellist: Delphine Juliette Prady, Economist at the Fiscal Affairs Department, IMF 


  • Mark Blecher, National Treasury of South Africa 
  • Lindi Mzankomo, National Treasury of South Africa 

Moderator: Martina Bergthaller, Social Policy Specialist 

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Attendees: 121

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