30 November 2016 


This webinar was a part of the Gender Sensitive Social Protection series and focused on how social protection programmes can provide an entry point for financial inclusion for women involved in agriculture. It also addressed some of the tools developed by Latin American governments to increase the synergies between social protection and financial inclusion, and the actors utilising these tools. The effect these strategies have had on the economic status of rural women was also discussed. The session was held in Spanish. 


  • Paola Bustamante, Peru’s former Minister of Development and Social Inclusion 
  • Magdalena Mayorga, Advisor for the Presidency of the Board of BanEcuador B.P. 

Discussant: Soledad ParadaFAORLC 

Moderator: Ana Paula de la O CamposAdvisor of the Strategic Programme for the Reduction of Rural Poverty – FAO 

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Attendees: 53

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