23 July 2020 


This webinar focused on the following questions: (1) What is the current level of public social expenditure in South Asian countries? How does it compare with other regions? (2) What are the main features of existing legal and regulatory frameworks that lead to promoting children’s rights through social protection in South Asia? (3) Do the legal frameworks of the region’s non-contributory social protection programmes comply with a human rights-based approach and global UNICEF social protection policy? (4) What is the evidence of the impact of social protection programmes in South Asia? (5) How do social protection programmes in the region contribute to economic growth and improvement in human development indicators, especially regarding children? 


  • Carolina Bloch, Researcher, IPC-IG  
  • Luca Lazzarini, Consultant 
  • Yannick Markhof, Consultant 

Moderator: Usha Mishra, Chief of Social Policy, Evidence and Evaluation at UNICEF 

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