29 October 2019 

Brunel University London, Oxfam 

It is widely known that social cash transfers have positive impacts on the lives of those who receive them. However, less is understood about how programmes are received by the wider community, and how relations within and between families shape their acceptability and effectiveness. 

This webinar reported on a four-year ESRC-DFID-funded research project that explored in depth the impacts of three social cash transfer programmes on relationships within and between households in rural communities in Malawi and Lesotho. The webinar also explored the implications of the research for social protection policy and practice, particularly in the context of Malawi. 


  • Nicola Ansell, Brunel University London 
  • Thandie Hlabana, National University of Lesotho 
  • Andre Felipe Bongestabs, Social Protection Technical Officer, ILO, Malawi 

Moderator: Larissa Pelham, Social Protection Adviser, Oxfam Global Humanitarian Team 

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