1 March 2018 

HelpAge International and IPC-IG 

This was the second webinar in the three-part series focused on social accountability in the delivery of social protection. The panellists explored different approaches to social accountability (such as grievance and complaint mechanisms and community committees) and the design principles which strengthen social accountability, sustainability and scale up, and inclusion and accessibility of social accountability mechanisms.  


  • Salum Rashid Mohamed, Head of the Social Protection Unit, Zanzibar 
  • Abdurrahman Syebubakar, Chief Technical Advisor, Integrated Referral and Service (IRS) System for Social Protection and Poverty Reduction, Indonesia 

Moderator: Alice Livingstone, Social Protection Adviser at HelpAge International 

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Registrants: 232


Attendees: 52


Youtube views: 121

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*Participants only had to register once for the three-part webinar series, which means this webinar gathered an unusually large number of registrants.