29 August 2016 


This was the second webinar of the Series “Shock-Responsive Social Protection Systems”, organised by OPM in partnership with Kenya’s Hunger Safety Net Programme (HSNP). The webinar showed that the HSNP has a mechanism for extending coverage to support additional households in case of drought. This ‘emergency payment’ mechanism was triggered for the first time in 2015. The webinar also explored Mozambique’s well-developed disaster risk management system.  


  • Catherine Fitzgibbon, Consultant on design of HSNP scale-up mechanism 
  • Sarah Bailey Research Associate, ODI, and team member of Mozambique study, Shock-Responsive Social Protection Systems research 

Moderator: Clare O’Brien, Senior Consultant, OPM

Registrants: 281

Attendees: 131

Youtube views: 483

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