9 November 2021 


This global webinar intended to bring together practitioners from governments, development agencies and other institutions in African countries as well as across different regions of the global South to discuss on “reimagining education in Africa”, with the overall aim to enable a global exchange of knowledge and experiences and to facilitate transfer of solutions on this thematic area through South-South and triangular cooperation and country to country learning. 


  • Mr. F. Edouard Matoko, Assistant Director-General for Priority Africa and External Relations, UNESCO  
  • Mr Gwang-Chol Chang, Chief of Education Policy Section at UNESCO  
  • Mr. Nicolas Reuge, Senior Advisor Education at UNICEF 
  • Mr. Enoch Rabotapi, Chief Director, Department of Basic Education, South Africa 
  • Mr. Davide Ruscelli, Project Coordinator, UNESCO Multisectoral Regional Office for West Africa  
  • Ms. Idalina Rodrigues, Imaginecole Coordinator, UNESCO Multisectoral Regional Office for West Africa  
  • Ms. Najoua Bada, Projects and Human Resources Manager, KOICA Morocco 

Moderator: Mr. Andrés Franco, Deputy Director Multilateral Partnerships, Public Partnerships Division, UNICEF 

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