19 February 2019 


 This webinar, organised by the ODI and DFID, and co-hosted with the Gender & Development Network (GADN), brought together practitioners and experts across the field of social protection and gender to explore the following key questions: How can social protection advance gender equality? What are the lessons learned on what works in social protection policy and systems in reducing gender inequality? Which policy features may inadvertently contribute to reinforcing the problem? What are the key challenges to implementing gender-responsive social protection policies and how can this agenda be accelerated moving forward?  


  • Bijal Bhatt, Director of the Mahila Housing SEWA Trust, SEWA 
  • Shahra Razavi, Chief of Research and Data Section, UN Women 
  • Francesca Bastagli, Head of Social Protection and Social Policy Programme, ODI  

Moderator: Francesca Rhodes, GADN Advisory Group member and Gender Policy Adviser, OXFAM 

Registrants: 463

Attendees: 175

Youtube views: 439

(until august/2020)