16 January 2020 

GIZ, Iniciativa Ciudadana para la Promoción de la Cultura del Diálogo 

In Mexico, the humanitarian crisis has led civil society organisations (CSOs) to play increasingly important roles on migration issuesSince the 1980s, CSOs have not only provided humanitarian assistance to people in mobility contexts but have also driven the design of public policies. Moreover, they have created spaces in counsels and citizens’ committees to influence government actions to take into consideration the right of migrants.      

This webinar presented the experiences of the organisations FM4 Paso Libre (Guadalajara) and Casa del Migrante (Tijuana) in the development and implementation of their comprehensive assistance models. The organisations also assessed the degree to which their models have responded to the specificities of their local contexts. The assessment compared different and common pillars used in local interventions and shared lessons learned on the ground. 


  • Karla Livier Martínez Barrera, FM4 Paso Libre Legal Unit, Dignidad y Justicia en el Camino A.C. (Dignity and Justice on the Road)Guadalajara 
  • Karla Gabriela Ramírez Melgoza, Psychosocial Unit Manager, Casa del Migrante A.C. (Home of the Migrant)Tijuana 

Discussant: María Dolores Paris Pombo, Professor and Researcher at the College of the Northern Border, Tijuana 

Moderator: Azyadeth Adame, Psychological First Aid for Migrants, Refugees and Displaced People Academic Programme Coordinator 

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