21 November 2019 

GIZ, Citizens’ Initiative for the Promotion of Dialogue Culture 

In response to the region’s humanitarian crisis, Mexico has carried out context analysis exercises and community assessments with migrants and several actors working directly and indirectly with them. These learning and monitoring activities have provided organisations with the intelligence necessary to develop needs-oriented initiatives. In this webinar, two organisations working with integration/reintegration processes presented their basic psychosocial intervention models. 


  • Ariel Alberto Díaz López, Employment Coordinator and Counsellor at Caminamos Juntos (Walking Together) A. C. in San Miguel de Allende Guanajuato 
  • Omar Ortega García, Bonding and Internal Formation Unit Coordinator at the Casa de Acogida Formación y Empoderamiento para la Mujer Migrante y Refugiada (CAFEMIN) (Shelter, Education and Empowerment for Migrant and Refugee Women)   

Discussant: Sofia de la Peña Padilla, Migrant Affairs Programme Scholar (PRAMI) from the Interdisciplinary Centre for Education and Social Bonding at ITESO Guadalajara 

Moderator: Azyadeth Adame, Psychological First Aid for Migrants, Refugees and Displaced People Academic Programme Coordinator 

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