27 July 2023

International Labour Organization, ILO; United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF; European Union, EU; Oxfam

In the Occupied Palestinian Territory, coverage of social assistance programmes implemented through the Ministry of Social Development (MoSD) and humanitarian actors is relatively widespread. Nationally, 40 per cent of all Palestinian households receive at least one type of social protection transfer. Importantly, many households often report receiving more than one type of social transfer, reflecting the high levels and multiple forms of deprivations, but also the importance of coordination between government and non-governmental programmes for efficient planning and use of resources. This webinar aims to share lessons learnt to date and stimulate discussion and knowledge sharing on how actors can coordinate across the humanitarian-development-peace nexus, building upon actual learnings from the field. Presentations will provide an overview of progress to date, including detailed learnings on coordination at both the national and regional level. This will be followed by a Q&A and discussion session, where practitioners are encouraged to share feedback or relevant findings stemming from their work globally.


  • Momin Badarna, Social Protection Coordinator, ILO
  • Luca Sangalli, National Cash Working Group Coordinator, Cash Working Group
  • Iain Murray, Chief Social Policy, UNICEF, State of Palestine
  • Omar Ghrieb, Policy and Campaigns Officer, Oxfam, OPT
  • Manal Ramadan, Director General Planning and Aid Coordination, Ministry of Social Development (MoSD), OPT

Moderator: Charis Reid, Social Protection Officer, ILO

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