28 May 2020 

socialprotection.org, IPC-IG, UNICEF 

This webinar started with an overview of a sample of 51 non-contributory social protection programmes, comparing them regarding their scale, benefits, targeting mechanisms, and target groups. The webinar then delved deeper into child-sensitive design features of these programmes and presented coverage estimates among children. 

 The second part of the webinar was explicitly dedicated to an analysis of gender issues in social protection in South Asia presented in the study “Gender and social protection in South Asia: an assessment of the design of non-contributory programmes“. 


  • Pedro Arruda, Researcher, IPC-IG 
  • Charlotte Bilo, Researcher, IPC-IG 
  • Yannick Markhof, Researcher, IPC-IG 

Moderator: Abdul Alim, Regional Social Policy Advisor, UNICEF Regional Office for South Asia (ROSA) 

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