30 June 2020 


This webinar showcased the efforts by India’s Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD) in response to the challenges facing migrant workers after the end of the lockdown period, including support in securing wage work and livelihood options. Additionally, the international NGO perspective was included to highlight collaborative programmes in humanitarian assistance and social protection to alleviate the socio-economic impacts and risks from COVID-19 on the most affected migrants. 

 Through these efforts, the webinar explored how the pandemic has impacted migrant communities as well as its implications for future work, as well as the need for countries to expand social protection measures to include migrant populations. 


  • Gabriela Benitez, World Vision Ecuador Humanitarian Response Manager 
  • Rajeev Ahal, Director, Natural Resources Management and Agroecology, GIZ India 
  • Virginia Negro, Specialist for the Western Hemisphere Regional Migration Program, IOM 

Moderator: Nancy Landa, Technical Advisor, Skills for Reintegration Global Program – Pilot Project in Mexico, GIZ GmbH 

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