25 November 2021 

ILO, UNICEF, Global coalition for social protection floors 

This webinar presented concrete experiences on innovative options for reaching increased and sustained social protection financing. It started with a presentation that provides insight on the Programme’s approach and interventions to improve the linkages between social protection and public finance management, in alignment with international social protection principles. The session was followed by country experiences presented by the Programme teams in Nepal and Senegal, focused on methodologies, tools, lessons learnt and current challenges on how to improve the link between Social Protection and Public finance management, especially in the context of COVID-19 and recovery; how to accompany the national decision-making process to identify priorities and financing options towards a universal and adequate social protection coverage; and, how to strengthen the role of social partners and civil society organizations to strengthen social protection budgeting and financing. 


  • Doerte Bosse – Head of Sector for horizontal coordination, social protection and disabilities, European Union Directorate-General for International Partnerships 
  • Céline Peyron Bista – SP&PFM Chief Technical Adviser, ILO 
  • Tomoo Okubo – Social Policy Specialist, UNICEF 
  • Alix Machiels – Junior Professional Officer, ILO Senegal 
  • Usha Mishra Hayes – Chief Social Policy, Evidence and Evaluation, UNICEF Nepal 
  • Bart Verstraeten – General Director, WSM 
  • Uzziel Twagilimana – Deputy Director Programmes, WSM 

Moderator: Aristide Kielem, Social Policy Specialist, UNICEF 

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