20 April 2023

Australia – Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, DFAT; United Kingdom – Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, FCDO; United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF; Social Protection Technical Assistance, Advice, and Resources Facility, STAAR

The session explored how social protection instruments, particularly cash and voucher assistance, can be used to manage and support cases of GBV in humanitarian and human mobility contexts. Speakers discussed evidence of how cash and voucher assistance can help mitigate GBV risks as well as support survivors of GBV to transition into more resilient livelihoods, illustrating this with examples from the field in two different regions. The discussion also explored the relevance of cash and voucher assistance for GBV survivors to be linked to complementary social protection mechanism and/or systems in these contexts.


  • Holly Radice, Regional Representative for the Americas, CALP Network
  • Pablo Solis, Coordinator of the Humanitarian Action Program, CARE Ecuador
  • Adriana Hube, Psychosocial Humanitarian Assitant, Mujer y Mujer Ecuador
  • Luisa Vega, Program Manager, CARE Colombia
  • Nathalia Romero, Director for Registration and Information Management, Unit for Victims, Colombia

Moderator: Paola Pereznieto, Senior Consultant, STAAR

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