6 July 2023

World Food Programme, WFP; World Bank Group; InsuResilience Global Partnership

It is widely agreed that pre-arranged finance, which can be quickly and reliably disbursed in the event of a disaster, is critical in enabling social protection systems to protect people in the case of shocks like extreme climate events.  In recent years, international organisations, donors and countries have begun to explore how to link climate and disaster risk financing instruments (CDRFI) with national social protection systems in order to strengthen preparedness and support early action and shock response at scale. Some of these instruments include forecast-based financing and micro and macro insurance. This webinar contributed to the debate on the benefits of strengthening the linkages between DRF and social protection systems. It drew from the parallel event Climate, Disaster Risk Financing and Social Protection: the increasing role of pre-arranged financing for social protection in the Global Shield and beyond that took place at the Global Forum on Adaptive Social Protection on June 14th 2023 in Berlin.


  • Evie Calcutt, Financial Sector Specialist, Crisis and Disaster Risk Finance, World Bank Malawi
  • Amit Kumar Garg, Development Economist, UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF)
  • Eliseo Arauz, Programme Associate, WFP Nicaragua
  • Jennifer Phillips, Advisor, InsuResilience Global Partnership


Moderator: Anna Carolina Machado, Social Protection Specialist, World Food Programme

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