23 January 2020 


More people are forcibly displaced globally than ever before and a large proportion of humanitarian assistance, including cash and voucher assistance (CVA), is being provided in response. What are the options and specific considerations in linking CVA with social protection to support forcibly displaced populations? Do entry points differ based on the level of social protection system maturity? If so, how? What can be done, particularly as part of preparedness, to maximise these linkages? 

 This webinar’s objectives were to highlight the opportunities, challenges and key considerations for linking forcibly displaced populations to SP systems; showcase Turkey as a successful example of aligning assistance for refugees and nationals; debate the feasibility of replicating such linkages in different contexts considering political willingness, system maturity, and funding; and facilitate dialogue between humanitarian and social protection stakeholders on this topic.  


  • Orhan Hacimehmet, Turkish Red Crescent 
  • Nona Zicherman, UNICEF Turkey 

Discussant: Cecilia Pietrobono, DG ECHO, Turkey 

Moderator: Isabelle Pelly, Independent Consultant 

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Attendees: 116

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