26 August 2021 

World Bank Group, FCDO, UNICEF 

This panel discussed emerging practice on how to leverage safety nets to prevent gender-based violence (GBV). The session included highlights from Safety First – a World Bank operational toolkit which provides detailed design and implementation guidance to maximize the preventive effect of safety nets. The panel also featured policy-makers and practitioners from Mozambique and Sierra Leone, who shared recent practice on mitigating, responding to and reducing the risks of gender-based violence through their social protection work. 


  • Angélica Magaia, National Director for Children, Mozambique 

  • Charlotte Coles, Head of the Ending Violence Team, FCDO 

  • Ruth Graham-Goulder, Social Policy Specialist, Unicef 

  • Alessandra Heinemann, Senior Social Protection Specialist and Gender Lead, World Bank 

Moderator:Lauren Rumble, Principal Advisor, Gender, and Chief of Gender and Rights Section, Unicef


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