20 October 2020

UNICEF, GIZ, European Union, MINSA-Peru

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Health of Peru faces the challenge of ensuring the continuity of comprehensive health care for girls and boys at the first level of care. Considering the reality imposed by the pandemic, there is a need to adapt the provision of health services from a fixed offer to a telehealth offer to minimize the risks of contagion.

This adapted form of comprehensive care should contain procedures that assess the health, nutrition, and development conditions of girls and boys, in order to detect risks and provide guidelines to promote their growth and the achievement of development skills.

This webinar presented the progress and challenges of Peru and the experiences of Colombia and Kyrgyzstan in the application of telehealth in comprehensive care services for girls and boys in the context of the health crisis.


  • Sandra Gallegos, Ministerio de Salud de Colombia
  • Nathalia Munarth, Ministerio de Salud de Colombia
  • Boris Verona Mesia, Dirección General de Intervenciones Estratégicas en Salud Pública
  • Gerrit Maritz, UNICEF Kirguistán
  • Bakyt Dzhangaziev, Ministerio de Salud de Kirguistán
  • Tilek Nurdin Uulu, Socservice (Kirguistán)
  • Neha Verma, Intelehealth (Kirguistán)

Discussants: Karin Källander, UNICEF

Moderator: Rosana Vargas, GIZ-Perú  

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