30 May 2023

Digital Convergence Initiative, DCI

This session, part of the Talking interoperability series, introduced the Jordan National Unified Registry (NUR) Platform to the attendees. The National Unified Registry (NUR) in Jordan has started as a System Integrator that aims to establish a back-end solution to connect multiple government databases using the National ID which is widely used in Jordan. The first phase of the system was concluded in 2019 by connecting more than 30 databases. The Second Phase of the NUR has started in 2022 with the objective of establishing a unified intake channel for the NUR to serve as a unified registration form (front-end) for Social Protection Programs in Jordan. The front-end will build on the success of the Registration Platform of the Cash Transfer Program which is currently being integrated with the back-end. The end goal of the NUR system is to become the single gateway for people in Jordan who are seeking social assistance. 

Opening remarks: Ernesto Brodersohn, Coordinator of Technical Commissions on Management and ICT, ISSA


  • Sabri Al-Zboun, National Aid Fund, Head of National Unified Registry Technical Committee
  • Yousef Khamees, Ministry of Digital Economy & Entrepreneurship, Head of Infrastructure & Cloud Services and a member of the NUR Technical Committee
  • Jeries Shahin, World Bank, Senior Social Protection Systems Consultant
  • Wael Zaatar, Sr. Technical Project Manager & Lead Technical Specialist for the NUR


  • Ahmet Fatih Ortakaya, Senior Social Protection Specialist, World Bank
  • Sengchheang Chhun, ICT and Digitalisation Advisor, GIZ Cambodia

Closing remarks: Manuel Rodriguez Pumarol, Chief of Social Policy, UNICEF Jordan

Moderator: Luca Pellerano, Senior Social Protection Specialist, Arab States, ILO

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Attendees: 139


Youtube views: 160

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