19 April 2022 

UNICEF, Ministry of Cooperatives, Labour and Social Welfare (Iran), IPC-IG  

This webinar aimed to present an overview of the Iranian social protection system for children and adolescents and recent experiences in linking social protection to education and health. In particular, the role of the Iranian Welfare Database as the main data base to identify eligible beneficiaries was discussed. The presentation of the Iranian system was complemented by a presentation on the NUR system in Jordan which serves an integrated child-sensitive MIS for social protection services. Finally, UNICEF MENA Regional Office provided an overview of the organization’s work in the region on Integrated Child-sensitive Social Protection Policies and System in the region. 


  • Dariush Abouhamzeh, Deputy Minister Iran, MCLSW 
  • Robin Nandy, UNICEF Iran Representative 
  • Samman Thapa, Regional Social Policy Advisor, UNICEF MENA 
  • Ahad Rostami, Director General for the Iranians’ Welfare Database Office, MCLSW 
  • Maryam Mirmalek, Director General for Support Affairs and Empowerment Office, MCLSW 
  • Manuel Rodriguez Pumarol, Chief of Social Protection & Policy, UNICEF Jordan 

Moderator: Charlotte Bilo, Researcher, International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth 

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