24 January 2023 

Digital Convergence Initiative, DCI; Ghana – Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection, MoGCSP 

Talking interoperability is a dialogue series being convened by the Digital Convergence Initiative (DCI) to facilitate in-depth technical conversations around designing for interoperability in the social protection sector. By bringing together digital social protection and technology experts from government agencies, software vendors, system integrators, and international organizations, it aims to promote peer-based learning and problem solving through:  

  • sharing the technical nitty-gritty of how agencies have designed their social protection information systems for interoperability   
  • understanding how agencies have tackled the major challenges to interoperability  
  • brainstorming potential solutions to remaining bottlenecks  

The nineth session of the Talking interoperability series discussed the experience of the Social Protection Directorate and the Research, Statistics and Information Management (RSIM) of the Ministry of Gender, Children, and Social Protection in Ghana with its road map to Social Protection systems integration.   

They presented their experience on the process of rolling out and development of the national interoperable platform for the Social Protection management information system in Ghana and the ongoing work being done by the Vice President’s team on the integration of national ID, birth, and health insurance databases.  



  • Kakra Asante, MIS Specialist and Consultant, Ghana Productive Safety Net Project  
  • Samuel Boakye-Marfo, Principal Social Development Officer, Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection  
  • Kingsley Owusu, Head of IT, Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection   


  • Lubasi Musambo, MIS Technical Advisor, Ministry of Community Development and Social Services, Zambia 
  • Arin Dutta, Senior Health Specialist, ADB  

Moderator: Luis Inaki Alberro Encinas, Social Protection Specialist, World Bank 

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