01 April 2021


Social protection is a fundamental human right that is key to realising other economic, social, and cultural rights. However, many agricultural workers and other rural populations do not have access to adequate social protection.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the gaps in coverage, comprehensiveness, and adequacy of social protection. Although the pandemic has shown once more the critical importance of social protection for protecting lives and livelihoods, most of the measures that have been put in place are temporary.

To address the crisis in a more effective and lasting way and increase resilience, more permanent solutions are necessary to reinforce social protection systems, particularly with respect to ensuring universal access to adequate social protection for all, including rural populations.

In this sense, this webinar aimed to launch a joint report of FAO/ILO and to explore innovative approaches to extending social protection to rural populations and to learn from country experiences.


  • Ariunzaya Ayush, Minister in Mongolia
  • Ezequiel Barbenza, Ministry in Argentina
  • Benjamin Davis, FAO
  • Cecilia Mbaka, National Social Protection Secretariat, Kenya
  • Hazim Rahahleh, Jordanian Social Security Corporation
  • Shahra Razavi, ILO

Discussants: Christina Behrendt, ILO

Moderator:Alejandro Grinspun, FAO

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