19 May 2020 

SPIAC-B Gender Working Group, IPC-IG, GIZ, DFAT 

The current Covid-19 crisis is having and will continue to have clear impacts on care work, in both private and public spheres. It can be expected that most of the increase in domestic care work will be shouldered by women, as they do on average three times as much unpaid care and domestic work at home as men. Yet, the effects may vary on the pre-existing gender division of labour and gender attitudes. In some instances, having both parents together at home could provide an opportunity for reflection and transformative change of practices. In other cases, in families/communities with less progressive gender norms, women and girls will be excessively overburdened, with negative spillovers on intimate partner violence, mental illness and other aspects. 


  • Debora Diniz, IPPF/WHR 
  • Rachel Moussié, WIEGO 

Discussant: Valeria Esquivel, ILO 

Moderator: Shahra Razavi, ILO 

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