2 June 2020 


This webinar discussed the following questions: (1) Which approaches for identification and registration work best to ensure that people in need of extended or new social protection programmes get smooth and timely accesscarefully considering specific country circumstances? (2) How can governments quickly collect and process key information about potential beneficiaries of these programmes? (3) Which technology solutions are available and ready to support identification and registration processes while respecting social distancing?  

It also shed a light on selected country cases to illustrate the challenges governments are currently facing in this regard, as well as to showcase practical solutions being implemented. 


  • Valentina Barca, Independent Consultant 
  • Richard Chirchir, Development Pathways 

Moderator: Nikos Nikolidakis, GIZ 

Registrants: 346

Attendees: 144

Youtube views: 308

(until august/2020)