29 June 2017 


This was the first webinar in the series ‘Dialogues between countries in the field of social protection’, presenting the differing gender approaches of Brazil and Mali. Brazil’s approach focuses on the cross-cutting nature of gender issues in public policy; while Mali’s approach focuses on policies directly related to the economic empowerment of women. The webinar, which was held in French, provided an opportunity to share and reflect on how to implement policies that consider a gendered dimension.  


  • Ana Julieta Teodoro CleaverBrazil’s Ministry of Planning, Development and Management  
  • Tounkara Sophie SouckoSecrétaire permanent de la Politique Nationale Genre du ministère de la Promotion de la Femme, de l’Enfant et de la Famille 

Moderator: Bénédicte de la Brière, Principal Economist with the Gender Group at the World Bank 

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Attendees: 40

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