27 October 2022 

Food Systems Summit Coalition and USP2030 Working Group on Social Protection and Food Systems Transformation 

The Global Food and Nutrition Crisis has resulted in a significant increase in the prices of essential food items in many low- and lower-middle-income countries, leading to a surge in food insecurity worldwide. The crisis has been caused by various shocks, including disruptions in global food supply chains due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the War in Ukraine, affecting food production and distribution. 

Countries heavily reliant on food imports have seen prices skyrocket, leading some to impose export restrictions, exacerbating shortages and hindering humanitarian aid delivery. To address this crisis and promote long-term resilience against food insecurity, building and strengthening national social protection systems are essential. Routine and shock-responsive social protection measures can improve access to nutritious food and break the cycle of hunger and poverty. Examples of successful interventions include cash transfers and food subsidies in Kenya and India, which have mitigated poverty and malnutrition for vulnerable households. 

However, there is a need to optimize social protection systems to effectively respond to the current and future food and nutrition crises. To address this, the USP2030 Working Group members on Social Protection and Food Systems organized a webinar to discuss the crucial role of social protection in tackling the crisis and building a better future. The webinar aimed to facilitate knowledge exchange among governments, multilateral organizations, academics, and development partners, enabling national social protection systems to meet the increasing global food security and nutritional needs and support socio-economic development and recovery in developing countries. The target audience for the webinar included national social protection policymakers and practitioners, government representatives, USP2030 Working Group members, and development partners. 



  • William A. Masters, Professor in the Friedman School of Nutrition at Tufts University 
  • Natalia Winder-Rossi, Director of Social Policy and Social Protection at UNICEF Headquarters 
  • Ugo Gentilini, Global Lead for Social Assistance with the Social Protection and Jobs Global Practice at the World Bank Group 
  • Saul Morris, Director of Programme Services of GAIN  
  • Marco Knowles, Senior Social Protection Officer at FAO 

Moderator: Juan Gonzalo Jaramillo Mejia, Programme Policy Advisor for Social Protection at World Food Programme 

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