14 April 2020 

World Bank, Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP) 

National payment systems and financial service providers play an important role in delivering payments directly from the government to beneficiaries. Governments need to rapidly assess their options for sending payments quickly, securely and in ways that protect recipients from contagion. The aim of this webinar was to present key aspects that social protection practitioners need to consider when delivering social protection payments under emergency circumstances, learning from global experiences. 


  • Douglas Randall, Financial Sector Specialist, World Bank 
  • Guillermo Galicia, Consultant, World Bank 
  • Fiorella Risso, Financial Inclusion Analyst, World Bank 
  • Veronica Trujillo, Financial Inclusion Expert, World Bank 
  • Silvia Baur-Yazbeck, Financial Sector Analyst, CGAP 

Moderator: Luz Stella Rodriguez, Social Protection Specialist, World Bank 

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