22 October 2019 


This webinar showcased the WFP’s joint work with the EPRI, Maastricht University and the IDS in identifying the key challenges and opportunities faced in the Middle East, Central Asia and North, East and Southern African regions. Speakers presented a quick overview of the studies available to the general publiccarrying out a comparative analysis of the global challenges and the context of each region to promote the food security and nutrition-sensitivity of social protection interventions. The discussion identified best practices, lessons learned and demonstrated the implications for policy and practice, as well as the lines of research and inquiry that are still open. 


  • Michael Samson, Director of Research, EPRI 
  • Stephen Devereux, Research Fellow, Institute of Development Studies (Sussex) 
  • Franziska Gassmann, Professor in Social Protection and Development, UNU-MERIT/Maastricht Graduate School of Governance 

Moderator: Juan Gonzalo Jaramillo Mejia, Social Protection Programme Policy Officer, WFP 

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