12 December 2019 


Providing adequate social protection to children is particularly relevant in the countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), as multidimensional child poverty remains a major concern in the region. Today, the scope and adequacy of the region’s social protection systems remain limited.  

The need to expand child-sensitive social protection leads to the question of how countries can finance such an expansion. This webinar discussed the possibilities that MENA countries might have to free up resources to scale up social protection expenditures. 


  • Carolina Bloch, IPC-IG 
  • Khalid Abu-Ismail and Niranjan Sarangi, UN-ESCWA 
  • Abdel-Rahmen El LahgaUniversité de Tunis 

Moderator: Luca Pellerano, International Labour Organization 

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Attendees: 36

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