29 September  2022

United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF; Global coalition for social protection floors; International Labour Organization, ILO; European Commission.

The Social Protection and Public Finance Management Programme, funded by the European Union and implemented by ILO, UNICEF, and GCSPF, aims to enhance national social protection systems’ sustainability and linkages with public finance management. The program focuses on building universal and shock-responsive systems, utilizing evidence and analysis to facilitate transitions and respond to crises. As part of their knowledge exchange initiative, the program organized a series of webinars, with the second one highlighting innovative financing options for resilient social protection systems. The webinar featured presentations on the program’s approach, followed by concrete country experiences in building adaptive and responsive social protection systems.


  • Doerte Bosse, Head of Sector for horizontal coordination, social protection and disabilities, European Union Directorate-General for International Partnerships
  • CĂ©line Peyron Bista, SP&PFM Chief Technical Adviser, ILO
  • Nupur Kukrety, Social Policy Specialist UNICEF
  • Carlos Galian, Technical Officer, Social Protection Financing, ILO
  • Bruno Deceukelier, WSM Asia Coordinator
  • Getachew Berhanu Kebede, Social Policy Specialist, UNICEF

Moderator: Namrata Saraogi, Social Policy Specialist, UNICEF

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Attendees: 117


Youtube views: 407

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