9 February 2023

International Labour Organization, ILO; United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF; Global coalition for social protection floors; European Union, EU

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered a global economic crisis with lasting impacts, causing increased poverty, inequality, unemployment, and social unrest worldwide. People with disabilities are among the vulnerable groups disproportionately affected, facing challenges in accessing essential services and opportunities. The SP&PFM Programme, funded by the European Union and implemented by ILO, UNICEF, and GCSPF, aims to build disability-inclusive social protection systems based on human rights principles. These systems ensure healthcare and income security for people with disabilities, promoting their active participation in society while safeguarding their rights. The program supports partner countries through various measures, including involving disability organizations, improving data, designing inclusive mechanisms, and organizing webinars for knowledge exchange to strengthen national social protection systems and achieve universal coverage.


  • Dörte Bosse, Head of Sector for horizontal coordination, social protection and disabilities, European Union Directorate-General for International Partnerships
  • Alexandre Cote, Social Policy Specialist, UNICEF
  • Jasmina Papa, Social Protection Specialist for Eastern Europe and Central Asia, ILO
  • Sovannary Keo, Social Policy Specialist at UNICEF Cambodia
  • Moussa Thiare, Chair Person of FSAPH

Moderator: Veronika Wodsak, Social Protection Policy Specialist, ILO

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Registrants: 396


Attendees: 188


Youtube views: 260

(until september/2023)