31 January 2019 


The aim of this webinar was to present and discuss ways to expand the access to knowledge and experiences of EMTCT through SSC. By means of knowledge exchange and sharing good practices, SSC can be used as a vehicle to reach the SDG targets and improve health development in countries of the global South.  


  • Dorothy Mbori-Ngacha, UNICEF HIV/AIDS, NYHQ  
  • Sarawut Boonsuk, Director of Health Promotion Regional Center, Department of Health, MoPH, Thailand 
  • Anita Suleiman, Head of HIV/STI/Hepatitis C Sector, Disease Control Division, Ministry of Health, Malaysia 
  • Mariame Sylla, Chief, Health and Nutrition, Programme Section, UNICEF South Africa 

Discussant: Melanie Taylor, Medical Officer, WHO 

Moderator: Laurie Gulaid, Senior Health Specialist, UNICEF ESARO 

Registrants: 158

Attendees: 81

Youtube views: 115

(until august/2020)